One fundamental question – Part 1

von matthisschwarz

First of all, I don’t want you to be inspired by this post.
I don’t want you to read this and finish by feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would speak to you.

I want to share something that’s very heavy on my heart, and I can see clearly that God has been preparing me for the day on which I am writing this.
The last few weeks I’ve gone through trials. It surprised me to see all kinds of feelings rise up in me that made me think, „Haven’t I been here before… Is this really still bothering me?“

But God was testing me. It’s been a humbling time as I’ve realized that he is the one who gives me desire for anything good and the strength to walk it out. The more I think about it now, the more I see that he’s been leading me to this point for a long time and I don’t think I’ve understood all he wants me to understand yet. I reckon that I’m just beginning to learn my lesson.

But anyways, I want to share. I am going to write more soon as I better grasp these revelations.

These posts will be about hunger. About the throne of our lives and about true love.

The last few weeks, as I’ve already mentioned, haven’t been the easiest regarding my walk with God. Constantly, almost every day and in almost every situation, I was confronted with questions like „What do I really need?; What will make me happy and give me peace? Is he really going to provide me with what I need?; Can I really trust him? Do I think I need God because someone told me I do, or do I really do need him?
…Is God really enough?“

Now, for those who don’t know me,
I am passionate about following Jesus and about seeing others following him wholeheartedly, so it confused me that these questions kept coming up in me, and even more, they didn’t just stay questions, but they triggered all kinds of mechanisms in my soul and body.
Because these kind of questions, revolving in my thought life, make life about me.

The reason I am starting a blog and sharing about this, is because this is a relevant topic for our generation. We don’t want to dedicate our lives to something that our parents told us to. I know that many of you are asking the same kinds of questions, and I know that not all of you have good answers. My next question may seem surprising, but it leads to the core of the matter:

Why in the world would anyone ever want to follow Jesus and belong to God… aka: be a Christian?